3D Laser Scanning, X-Ray CT Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Dimensional Inspection

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E-Brochure Reverse Austin brochure published August 2017

VB6 Stuff

Fanuc2Numbers VB6 program to convert Fanuc parameters '[26312*65536+46138]/[67108864*32]' to ordinary numbers '0.80300'.

Circle1 VB6 program to fit circles to points.

Circle1 VB6 source code.

Dist_2_Line VB6 program to calculate distance from point to line.

Dist_2_Line VB6 source code.

Project List

Reverse Austin Projects Types of projects completed by Reverse Austin.

Project Examples

Replacement Longeron Using 3D Laser scanning to design a replacement aircraft longeron.

Redesign on a Dime Using X-ray CT scanning on a Dime.

White Papers

Resolution vs Feature Size How laser scanner resolution affects detectible feature size.

Considerations for Scanning Projects How to identify and select scanning project parameters.